​The Marche sum up the whole of Italy in themselves. That's why a recent campaign said "The Marche: Italy in one region". Sea, mountains, history,art, local traditions, spirituality, nature, typical food and wine: in the Marche you can find all the best features of Italian culture and way of life.

The coast & the sea

A 180 km long coastline, beautiful beaches, 26 seaside resorts on the Adriatic Sea where you can spend quiet holidays.

Food & Wines

The food in the Marche region equally shares from the bounty of the sea as well as from the countryside.

Cities of Art

500 squares, more than 1,000  key monuments, approximately one hundred cities of art, 37 fortresses, 106 castles, 15 strongholds.

Ancient villages

The Marche region lies on the eastern side of central Italy between the Adriatic Sea and the high Apennine mountains.

Living in Nature

In the Marche there are 12 protected areas: 2 national parks, 4 regional parks, 6 nature reserves, 15 state forests


The Marche region offers an extraordinary amount of sites of great spirituality: churches, monasteries, abbeys and shrines are widespread all over the region